Structural Repairs in Springdale

Damage to your crawl space is like a viral infection; whatever happens there will affect every other part of your home. Crawl spaces are normally damp and can even collect standing water, which creates excessive humidity. All that water soaks into the wood of the floor joists and support beams — and even into the concrete and masonry of the foundation — which results in mold, fungal growth, and wood rot. If this moisture problem is not addressed, the components of your crawl space become spongy and weak and struggle to support the weight of your home.

Indications of crawl space problems:

  • Floors become uneven and begin to creak and sag.
  • The sheetrock of your home develops jagged cracking.
  • Windows and doors no longer open and close smoothly.
  • Your house smells dank and musty.
Clean Space

Vesta Foundation Solutions in Springdale has a number of solutions for your crawl space problem. One popular fix is the SmartJack® Crawl Space Stabilizer, a system of heavy-duty, galvanized steel piers that we typically install in fewer than 48 hours and that supports more than 60,000 lbs.

The crawl spaces beneath many homes are typically very slim. That’s not a problem with SmartJack®. The piers are easily adjustable to fit any space, and because the system is resistant to rust and other corrosion, the piers will last for many years. They can even be re-adjusted later if your home begins to settle. With SmartJack® your home will remain sturdy and secure for generations.


Vesta Foundation Solutions is family-owned and -operated, and we treat our clients and their homes just like our own. We take our jobs seriously because we know that the structural stability and integrity of the homes in our Springdale community is of utmost importance. When you see indications of crawl space issues, call the experts at Vesta immediately for a free inspection. We’re in business to get the job done and give you peace of mind when it comes to your most valuable investment!