Concrete Sealant in Arkansas

It's easy to forget or not realize that concrete is vulnerable to damage. At first, concrete can seem like an everlasting material, until one day, you notice the cracking, flaking, and discoloration that comes with time and exposure. If you notice any of these signs, call our highly qualified concrete sealant and protection experts in Springdale. So we can repair it before it becomes too late. It's an important truth: the concrete around your home is vulnerable. Your concrete is not invincible even if your home was just built or your concrete was recently poured for a new patio, sidewalk, or driveway. We offer a concrete sealant and protection in Springdale that protects the concrete from damage and deterioration.

Causes of Damaged Concrete

Moisture, dirt, and other contaminants can get into the pores of your concrete, weakening it over time. When moisture freezes during freeze-thaw cycles, that water can expand, further damaging your concrete. Exposure to UV rays will destroy the color of your concrete, leading to discoloration. This is why it is essential to ensure you have the concrete protection and sealant on your Springdale home taken care of by professionals.

SealantPro: How to Protect Your Concrete the Right Way

It is not uncommon for homeowners to rely on inferior DIY concrete sealants that you can purchase in big-box stores. The trouble is that these products can be unreliable and expensive. While they might seem inexpensive at first, costs ramp up with the need to reapply sealant every few years. What you need is a permanent solution that gets the job done right. After we apply our concrete sealant and protection on your Springdale home there will no longer be a need to go back to the big box store.   

Springdale Concrete Sealant & Protection | Concrete Floor Sealer

To do this, we use SealantPro, a permanent concrete sealant that protects your concrete in just one application.There is nothing like our concrete floor sealer service available in Springdale. Here are some of the key features of SealantPro to consider:

  • Extends the life of your concrete by three to five times
  • UV-resistance to protect against discoloration
  • Protection against water damage
  • Easy stain removal
  • Compatible with new concrete
  • Permanent protection in a single application
  • Reduced ice bonding for easy ice removal

With SealantPro, your concrete is protected forever, and you won't have to worry about reapplying it, making it a strong, cost-effective solution. Call us today to learn more about our concrete floor sealer services offered in Springdale.

Free Estimates on SealantPro Concrete Sealant

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