Is the concrete slab around your pool sinking or cracking? This is a sign the soil beneath the pool deck can no longer support the weight of the concrete. A pool deck that is cracked or unlevel is NOT going to correct itself. This problem will only become worse over time, becoming more costly, serious and may affect your property value. 

How did your pool deck end up this way? There are three main reasons that result in slab settlement. 

1. Changes in the soil's moisture. The soil underneath a concrete slab can move and change with moisture. Different types of soil (especially clay), absorb water and expand. During droughts or dryer weather, the soil then shrinks. The constant cycle of expanding and shrinking creates empty spaces called, voids. Your concrete will then settle into these voids, causing concrete to crack or become unlevel. 

2. Wash-out of soil. After heavy rains or melted snow and ice, water moves beneath your pool deck, eroding soil that is supporting your concrete slab. Over time, with nothing left to support the concrete, your slab with begin to sink or cave in. 

3. Poorly Compacted Fill Soil. During the construction of your pool deck, the soil is commonly moved around and spread out to become level. It is common for the concrete to be poured directly onto the fresh soil. If the soil was poorly compacted, it will begin to compact on its own causing a void to form underneath the concrete. As stated before, with no support the concrete will sink, crack or cave in. 

Now you that you know how this happened, learn the reason WHY you should fix your pool deck before summer arrives. 

1. Trip Hazards pose a major threat to yourself or others trying to enjoy the relaxation and recreation of having a pool. 

2. Restore your home's property value. By having your pool deck fixed, before a buyer or realtor requires you to do it, you are making a return on your investment--making more money during the sale. 

3. Peace of mind. Finding a permanent solution to your pool deck problem is the safest way to get on with your life, checking a major concern off your to-do list. 

When looking for a home improvement company, not all are the same. As a homeowner, it's important to find a reputable, licensed contractor who specializes in pool deck repair.