CleanSpace isn't just about looks!  You can't take your home out of the Earth, but you can keep the earth out of your home!  CleanSpace is a 20 mil thick plastic liner, similar to a pool liner, that can be fitted in your crawl space to completely seal off your home.  CleanSpace has multiple layers of plastics to allow flexibilty and is puncture and tear resistant.


Protecting your home from the exposed dirt is vital to its longevity.  In deciding how to protect your home, there are a few criteria you will want to meet:


     Stop water vapor from escaping the soil

     Stop water vapor from escaping the walls

     Allow water to drain from the floor to the sump

     Allow water to drain from the walls to the sump

     Be durable so that it doesn't tear when crawled on


     Mold and bacteria resistant


CleanSpace is the ideal solution to dramatically transform your crawl space into a healthy, usable area.


Crawl Space Before

Crawl Space After