Is your driveway made from concrete? Is it beginning to crack, sink, or become uneven? You might want to read this!


Here at Vesta, we might have a solution to your problem. We can help seal, raise, and even out your concrete using a system called PolyLevel Injection Foam. Our PolyLevel can help raise the existing concrete slab back to its original position.


What can cause your driveway to sink?


Clogged gutters, downspouts (that aren't installed correctly), and poor yard drainage can create problems. A common cause of sunken concrete is Erosion. Erosion appears washes away the soil from under the driveway creating a space/void under the slab. The driveway can begin to sink where the void is located.


If the home is newer and has a sunken driveway, it could be that the land the house sits on is settling or the base on the driveway was not compacted correctly.


If you are experiencing a sinking driveway near your garage, this can lead to some foundation issues in the future.


How we can help!


The surface can be patched up and filled, but that won't solve/fix the underlying problem. While patching up the concrete slab seems to be the less expensive route, it can cause more issues: creating more cracks than before, a messy process, purchasing tools/materials and equipment, and not using your driveway until the work is arid.


We have the tools and resources to be able to raise your driveway! PolyLevel Injection Foam is a fast, non-invasive, and effective process. We will drill small holes into the slab, then inject a high-density polyethylene through the drilled holes. The Poly will spread underneath the slab and help lift the concrete to its original form.


Customers can use their driveaway within a day!


Give us a call today to schedule your FREE inspection. We can have one of our representatives give you all the information you will need to help restore your driveway!