This Tulsa home was having issues with keeping critters, insects, water, and moisture out of their crawl space. All these issues can result in wood rot, which essentially will destroy your home from the inside out. Also the moisture can cause mold to develop, which makes for an unhealthy home. They wanted their home to be a clean and healthy space.


They gave Vesta Foundation Solutions a phone call and we were quick to get out there and help.


Vesta Design Specialist, Josh Nation, evaluated the issues they were having and came up with a fix for all of their crawl space problems. After a free, no obligation inspection, the homeowners were ready to move forward with making their home healthy and happy.  Vesta would be installing our CleanSpace system, SmartPipe, SaniDry Sedona, and SmartSump.

The CleanSpace system was installed. CleanSpace is a 20 millimeter thick liner used as a vapor barrier to prevent water vapor and humidity from passing through. The SmartPipe is used as a draining system. The SaniDry  Dehumidifier is used to keep the relative humidity out. And last is the SmartSump, this keeps any water that is coming in, out. 

If you have any foundation problems you need resolved, contact Team Vesta. We always give FREE, no obligation inspections!