The Falls neighborhood, located in Moore, OK was experiencing many areas where the concrete was unlevel. Besides the cosmetic eyes sore, unlevel concrete causes trip hazards. They were recognizing these symptoms due to the concrete sinking and standing water on the sidewalks. They wanted residents to be safe while walking or running through the neighborhood, so they decided to take action.


Cliff Miller, the Director of Planning for The City of Moore decided to reach out to Vesta Foundation Solutions. After a free, no obligation inspection, we were ready to move forward into making this neighborhood safe and great to look at  again.

The City of Moore was paying $405 per square foot to have the unlevel concrete removed and replaced. This process is invasive, costly, and time consuming. Systems Designer, Tim Swiger, determined that our PolyLevel system would fix the problem. Not only is the PolyLevel system highly cost effective, it's non invasive and less time consuming. Team Vesta lifted all the sidewalks in half of the cul-de-sac in three hours. After the job was complete, they were able to utilize the sidewalks within 20 minutes. Vesta Foundation Solutions ended up saving The City of Moore 30% of what they were previously paying.

Cliff Miller stated that he hopes for us to do at least 6 more neighborhoods in the Moore area, as soon as he can get the projects approved by The City Moore. The community was more than pleased with the work Team Vesta had accomplished.