Values and beliefs are critical to constructing a strong company culture. When the company and employee goals are aligned with the values and beliefs of the organization, success is sure to follow. The employees are the voice within the company. They can help others actualize the vision that the leader has set in place.


Values and beliefs for one's company must be shared with the employees to achieve their goals as a team. If the company's values and beliefs are not widely shared, it can affect the company's employees' experience. Leadership is at fault when employees do not buy into the leader or the company's vision. As John Maxwell states in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, "People buy into the leader first, then the leader's vision." Suppose your team does not believe in the leader or the company's vision. They will inevitably find a new leader. If your team believes in the leader but not the vision, they will seek a new leader. But, if your team believes in the leader and their vision, they will embrace the leader and the vision in the company as their own!


Our leaders here at Vesta Foundation Solutions have engaged with our team to gain the trust of our employees and help them see the company's vision. Because our leaders share one company vision, we have recently experienced a turnover rate of just 7.8%, which is below the industry average of 10.4% in the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. Why have we seen such a low turnover rate while the industry sees a mass exodus of employees? Our leaders at Vesta have accepted and trusted the vision, which has helped our employees embrace our goals and see the company values as their own. They've bought in. They're committed to the vision and choose to stay.


Our leaders understood that they would need to improve the culture to maintain a low turnover rate. We looked internally at our Recruitment and Marketing team to help improve the company's culture. We have begun many initiatives, but we have set three noteworthy movements in place: a three-year plan, utilizing a platform called Motivosity, and ensuring the owner's involvement.


As we continue to improve our culture to make sure that everyone sees and understands our vision, we have developed a three-year plan for the company's expansion as to where we see ourselves in 2025. We share this three-year plan with all employees, including our new hires. We have expressed the goals of the company to preserve transparency within the organization. Employees become empowered and excited about being the driving force to help accomplish this three-year plan. We retain employees because they want what we want.


Motivosity is a social media platform for employees to send encouraging messages and affirmations to each other throughout the day. This platform creates a place for community, recognition, and management. Our team uses the recognition part of the online platform to take the time to appreciate their peers in different departments and management. For example, "Jane Doe was recognized by John Doe for 'Being on top of things.'" This can be a game-changer in one's workplace, creating a positive work environment for everyone. This platform has helped our team engage and recognize one another as we have developed a tight-knit community which has been paramount in lowering our turnover rate.


Our team wants to ensure that the organization's values and beliefs are accurate. One way we can accomplish this is through owner involvement. Vesta's owners are immensely involved throughout the company. Owner involvement goes above and beyond knowing employees by name to understanding what motivates them to come to work. Employees feel acknowledged and seen when an owner or someone within the leadership role takes the time to seek them out.


The influence and involvement of the owners and leadership heighten the company's culture and execute the company's vision. We encourage other local businesses in the area to reimagine how they engage with employees and teach their values and beliefs. Employee satisfaction and fulfillment are at stake.