Have you noticed that some of your windows or doors tend to be difficult to open? Even though you can leave it open or closed, you can't move it between those options. There are many homeowners who experience the problem of "stuck windows" or "stuck doors."

A stuck window or door can be fixed in a variety of ways. There are homeowners who just leave the problem unattended, hoping it won't get worse. In some cases, the window or door in question will be replaced, in the hope that the problem will be fixed. Nevertheless, this can be a very serious foundation issue, so you should take it much more seriously than you normally would.

Stuck Windows and Doors: Why Do They Happen?

Stuck windows and doors are not caused by any single factor. This problem can be caused by several factors. Here are a few reasons you may have stuck windows or doors.

  • Natural Events

There are many problems associated with stuck windows and doors, including soil concerns. If your foundation has settled due to weather conditions, your windows and doors may become stuck. This is because the soil beneath your home has shifted and moved out of the way. It is imperative to note that this can be detrimental to the structural integrity of your home.

It is recommended that you check the area under your home if you have noticed an unusual amount of rain recently. In addition, the warping of windows and doors from rain may cause them to stick. This is why it is critical to check and make sure that none of the rain has entered the frame of the window or door.

  • Inadequate soil preparation

Soil issues can also be caused by poor soil management. Building a stable foundation for your home requires many steps when a crew pours the foundation. A foundation that has a poor soil base could result from the construction crew cutting these steps short.

A well-functioning home starts with proper soil preparation. You're more likely to see soil preparation issues throughout your home when any part of the soil isn't properly prepared. There are a lot of symptoms of soil preparation problems, but one of them is sticking doors and windows.

  • Waterproofing issues or inadequate foundation drainage

Sticky doors and windows can be caused by foundation settlement or warping frames. When water gets into a door or window's frame, it swells out of place and makes it challenging to open or close. It usually happens when water gets into the frame because it is usually waterproof on the outside.

Whenever you notice frames warping on doors or windows, you should step back and ask yourself why. What's causing the frame to warp? Your problem is most likely the result of insufficient waterproofing of your foundation. If you don't address the waterproofing concerns with your next set of doors and windows, you'll run into the same problem.