DecoShield™ Concrete Sealer near Springdale

Repair Solutions with Concrete Sealer Services for Concrete Slabs!

Did you notice dark stains on your garage floor or driveway the last time you backed your truck out? Concrete is a natural material that soaks up fluids the way a sponge soaks up water. Oil, coolant, gasoline, transmission fluid—any or all of those can leave an ugly stain on your concrete. The back patio isn’t any less susceptible to discoloration; wine, BBQ sauce, and grease spills will also mar your concrete. We take pride at Vesta Foundation Solutions here in Springdale that we have the best concrete sealer services for floors in the industry. Because concrete is porous, water will collect in the pits and cracks. If you live where the temperatures can drop to freezing or below, the water then expands and contracts with the changes in temperature, and eventually compromises your concrete.

We have the answers to all of your concrete repair and sealing needs in Springdale. We’re Vesta Foundation Solutions, and since 2006, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping folks protect two of the biggest investments they’ve ever made: their homes and business. As your local Springdale concrete sealers for concrete slabs, our work is second to none in the industry. We’re concrete repair specialists, with industry connections that ensure we can provide you with the finest products and warranties you won’t get from anyone else.

Vesta Foundation technician spraying concrete sealant

Stain and Discoloration Solutions

To protect your concrete from unsightly stains and discoloration, we recommend DecoShield™, a translucent, tinted sealer that prevents your concrete from absorbing moisture, thus protecting your concrete surfaces against mildew growth, chipping, cracking, flaking, and pitting. This innovative concrete sealing solution also protects your driveway and garage floor against chemical stains, such as oil and gasoline leaks.

DecoShield is durable enough to withstand UV exposure, yet is environmentally safe. The four tints provide your patio and other outdoor spaces with a decorative nuance and enhance the curb appeal of your home or business by minimizing the unsightliness of stains and mismatched coloring of concrete slabs.

Make Protecting Your Home or Business a Priority 

We’re a family-owned and operated company, so we understand the importance of protecting your home or business. Cracked concrete is unattractive and will eventually compromise your concrete to the point that it may require complete replacement. Don’t wait until things get out of hand. Contact Vesta Foundation Solutions now and schedule your free inspection for concrete and driveway sealing services in Springdale. Reliable sealers for concrete floors and slabs are hard to come by, which is why locals always choose us for the job. We’ll help keep your biggest investments safe and attractive!

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Contact us for a free inspection

Worried about the appearance of your concrete? Look no further than the concrete repair professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions. We offer free inspections in Springdale, and many nearby areas in Arkansas — schedule yours today!