In 2019 Springdale, Arkansas had experienced a lot of harsh flooding. The flooding had caused multiple washouts throughout the city. Overtime, washouts have caused the sidewalks around the community to sink. Sinking sidewalks occur when soil is flushed from underneath the concrete.

Un-leveled concrete can also become a safety issue around the community. The city had turned to Vesta Foundation Solutions to help solve this issue.

Vesta sent one of our diagnostics and design representative to Springdale, Arkansas. The representative had toured several areas of the city that were concerning to the community. They collected all the necessary information to gather up a team to help solve these concerning issues. Vesta had proposed the best solution they could offer to help repair the City of Springdale. This solution could help fix the issue but also help the community save money and time on the repair as well.

To help stabilize and level out the concrete Vesta had used Polylevel Foam injection. The foam that is an injection into the concrete helps lift and stabilize the surface underneath. The production team was able to provide a safe and smooth service to help restore the City of Springdale Arkansas's sidewalks.