There's no doubt that 2020 has been a strange year for careers, families, and communities, including real estate. Across the country, inventory was at historic lows over the spring and summer months as COVID-19 left many people uncertain about their future.

But, for those looking to sell, during a low inventory period could be a good thing. Real estate prices are classic supply and demand economics. Even if people aren't willing to spend as much on the house, lower demand means they have fewer home choices.

Regardless of what's happening in the real estate market, homes with curb appeal tend to sell for more money than those with none. Curb appeal is one of many factors' homeowners consider when buying a home – but for some, it's the most important.

Besides beautiful, clean siding, and tidy landscaping, the concrete around your house affects the overall curb appeal. Cracked concrete can look concerning to the home's potential new buyers. Concrete that's sunken or uneven is a safety concern.

If you're thinking of putting your home on the marketing, but are concerned about curb appeal. Most of the time, the concrete can be repaired and restored without the downtime of re-pouring new concrete. Choosing the right contractor can help keep your costs low while ensuring your project will finish on time. Also, asking the contracting company about available financing options can help keep projects affordable in uncertainty times.

Whether you're looking to get your home on the market this fall or plan to stay in it for several more years, repairing the concrete around your home will only help with its curb appeal.