Overall Review 5 out of 5
Overall Service

I would of said a 5, BUT Brian Prickett was the MGR on my job. He is EXCELLENT. Day 2 your mgmt. took him off my job for 2 days to Tulsa. Jacob Olsen & Sam Wilder were also EXCELLENT workers, but Brian was still training them. They could not do much those 2 days because they had never done those parts of the job.

Call Representative

Very good phone service when I have called the office.

Sales Process

She came out to give me an inspection in August. She knew everything about how the system works and all the details. I have interviewed 3 other basement repair companies and her presentation is the reason I chose Vesta Foundations.

Our Installation Crew

I have never seen 3 guys work so hard! When Brian got back from Tulsa on Thursday he kicked into high gear and I did not think there was anyway they could finish by end of day Friday. They worked late past 6:00 p.m. and Phase I was completed. The Crawl Space Crew will come on November 14th to do Phase 2..

The Cleanup Process

Brian taped large piece of brown paper to my kitchen floor area that they had to walk on to get to my basement from my back door. It really helped on keeping all the red clay off of my floor that they had on their boots because they jack-hammered around the walls of my basement to put in the drainage pipe. There was alot of red mud on my back porch and patio and they hosed it down twice to make sure it was clean. They also put my sod back down where they had to dig the trench.