This concerned customer was worried that there were some structural issues with his historic building. The brick had some fractures and seemed as if it was pulling away from the actual building. There are many different reasons as to why this could happen, but in this situation, it was simply because the building was old and beginning to deteriorate. The owner didn’t want to see his unique building crumble to the ground. He reached out to Team Vesta and we referred him to an engineer, Martin Henry. With the collaboration of Martin’s report and our’s, we came up with a plan to fix and preserve this historic building.



According to Martin’s report the “1st-level brick facing has begun to pull away from the “integral” and “interior” brick layers.  When the building’s south-facing wall was inspected from the 2nd-level on the inside, it was plainly visible, further aided by client installed gauge blocks, that the entire cross-section of the wall is detached and falling away. When looking at the building’s west-facing wall, a vertically wall fracture was found just in front of or to the south of one particular window suggesting the location of the failure that is responsible for the wall’s movement.”

Team Vesta’s Solution? Install Wall Anchors, decorative wall plates, and a 8x8 anchor plate in floor system of the 2nd story of building. The Vesta team provided a tightening kit to tighten and fasten the wall anchor system to wall. Also, to tighten and monitor wall system for movement. After installation, the walls were bench marked and documented for customer. The Vesta team acquired appropriate permits and had a third party evaluation performed by the engineering firm, Hall Engineering Group, (Martin Henry) per local building code. After the job was complete the customer was happy with the work that had been done. He is happy to have his building stable and preserved. Looks like it’s another win-win for Team Vesta! We are always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are happy with our work and service!


Project Summary

Engineer: Martin Henry