In Eureka Springs, AR, a critical call from a concerned homeowner began a significant repair journey. Their property faced a sidewalk that had become uneven, posing a safety risk in a town known for its walkability and charm. Therefore, recognizing the importance of maintaining safe and navigable pathways, the homeowner contacted Vesta Foundation Solutions.

Our Inspection

Upon contacting us, the homeowner was supported by our adept Customer Care team, transitioning from uncertainty to assured stability. A detailed consultation followed, led by a System Design Specialist from our company. Furthermore, they delved into the problem and formulated a strategic repair plan. It was determined that combining PolyLevel and NexusPro would effectively address the issue.

The Process

Firstly, PolyLevel, an advanced foam injection technology, was chosen to lift and stabilize the sinking concrete slabs. This precise method quickly mitigated the risk of trips and falls with minimal disruption to the community. Moreover, the rapid transformation resembled a skilled medical procedure, swiftly enhancing the sidewalk's safety and integrity.

Sealing and Protection

Then, following the lifting process, NexusPro was applied to seal the now-aligned joints and cracks. This step ensured a watertight seal, protecting against future water erosion and damage. Combining PolyLevel and NexusPro also fixed the present issues and fortified the sidewalk against future wear and tear.

The Conclusion

Lastly, the project in Eureka Springs stands out for its efficient execution and minimal disturbance to the community. Our skilled installers, led by an experienced foreman, completed the task with expertise and care, ensuring the town's pathways remained beautiful and functional. This effort reflects our commitment to preserving public safety and enhancing the local environment through reliable, lasting repairs at Vesta Foundation Solutions.

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