Addressing a Sinking Driveway in Bentonville, AR

Recently, Vesta Foundation Solutions tackled a significant driveway issue in Bentonville, AR. This urgent call for help followed an accident involving the homeowner's mother-in-law caused by a sinking concrete driveway. This problem was more than a cosmetic issue; it was a severe safety hazard needing immediate attention. Furthermore, water pooling at the driveway’s end compounded the homeowner’s concerns.

Our Approach

Upon inspection by our System Design Specialist, it was clear that a simple patch would not suffice. The driveway required a stable foundation and protection against further water intrusion. To address these needs, we prepared to apply a combination of high-performance products: PolyLevel, NexusPro, and SealantPro.

The Solution

We began with PolyLevel, lifting the concrete to its original level and eliminating the tripping hazard. Next, NexusPro was applied to seal the joints and cracks, preventing future water intrusion. Finally, we coated the driveway with SealantPro, adding a protective layer to enhance durability against the elements.

Ensuring Safety and Satisfaction

The transformation was both physical and reassuring for the homeowner. The driveway was again safe for family use, and additional measures were taken to prevent future issues. This project underlined our commitment to ensuring comfort and peace of mind at Vesta Foundation Solutions. That day in Bentonville, we provided a reliable, lasting solution, leaving behind a flat, secure driveway.


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