In Rogers, AR, a family discovered water entering their basement during heavy rains—a concerning issue since they stored their essential appliances, like a washer and dryer, in this area. They understood the urgency of safeguarding these valuable items and promptly contacted Vesta Foundation Solutions.

Our Inspections

Upon receiving their call, our customer service team quickly scheduled an inspection appointment. Our team system design specialist then visited the home to thoroughly assess the basement and pinpoint the cause of the water intrusion.

Tailored Waterproofing Solutions

We proposed a tailored solution featuring our innovative WaterGuard system and the Three Pump EverDry Sump Pump System. The WaterGuard system effectively captures water at the basement's perimeter and channels it to the Three Pump EverDry Sump Pump System, ensuring the space remains dry regardless of the weather.

Expert Installation Ensures Lasting Protection

Our skilled installation team took charge, meticulously installing the systems with precision. They worked efficiently, prioritizing cleanliness and respect for the home. The team's professionalism and the installation's immediate protection impressed the homeowners.

Enhanced Homeowner Peace of Mind

As a result, the family felt a significant sense of relief knowing their basement and its contents were now secure against future water intrusions. They appreciated the effectiveness of the solution and the professionalism of our team.

Are you experiencing similar water issues?

Don't wait for the next rain—contact Vesta Foundation Solutions today to schedule your no-obligation, free inspection, and protect your home.