To keep this family's basement healthy and dry, our team waterproofed their basement in Siloam Springs, AR. In order to keep their basement dry, they dug a trench to install a water guard and a sump pump. By installing a sump pump and a water guard, we can protect our homeowners' basements.


Water Guard:

For most basements, WaterGuard® is the best waterproofing system. The French drain is designed to rest on top of the footing of the foundation below the floor slab. It keeps the drainage system away from mud zones, where drains can clog. After WaterGuard® installation, all concrete is restored, and the slab is minimally impacted.

A sump pump collects and drains water that seeps through basement walls through the WaterGuard® system. Installing the system is easy and has a clean finished appearance, so there are no unsightly drains around your basement. With WaterGuard®, your basement remains dry regardless of whether it is surrounded by block walls or poured concrete. The product is also backed by a warranty.



Sump Pump:

We install, repair, and maintain sump pumps. The sump pump can help you prevent expensive property damage even if you've never experienced water in your home. All of our systems. We offer systems with a sump alarm that alerts you if water rises above the pump's turn-on point. Our systems also feature a battery backup system.

Our Three Pump EverDry Sump Pump System comes with PitBoss Battery Backup System, which kicks in in the event of a power outage if you have experienced water problems in your basement before. Normally, the powerful primary pump extracts water, but when higher volumes are detected, a second pump kicks in. PitBoss Starter Kit Sump Pump System might be the perfect option for you.