This Hennessey home was experiencing movement in their floors. There were exactly 2 inches of movement in the floors. This movement was causing cracks in their home. The cracks were in the sheet rock as well as doorways. Uneven floors can not only be an annoyance, but a trip hazard as well. The problem was caused by floor framing weakened by rot, causing the floors to sag and be unlevel. The home owners were tired of dealing with this inconvenience and decided to give Vesta Foundation Solutions a call.



After our Vesta team did a free, no obligation inspection, we and the homeowner's were ready to move forward with getting their home back. To ensure that we would fix the problem for years to come, we installed our Basement Systems product.

The product we used to fix this issue was Smart Jack. Smart Jack is effective for unlevel flooring and cracked drywall. The first step we did was excavate a hole for each Smart Jack. We used a total of three Smart Jacks for this entire project. After excavating the hole, a structural stone footing is compacted in place. The steel Smart Jack is then cut into size and installed under the sagging floor. The Smart Jack is equipped with an adjustable screw, it not only jacks up your floor , but can easily be adjusted again in the future. This was a one day job and was completed effectively and efficiently. This is one of the many reasons Vesta Foundation Solutions is top choice for home foundation repairs.