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The stability and safety of your home depend on the condition of the foundation that keeps it standing upright. But not many of us spend much time thinking about the function and importance of the foundations of our homes—until it becomes obvious that something is seriously wrong. When you need foundation repair in Norman, contact the professional team at Vesta Foundation Solutions. We know everything that can go wrong with your foundation, and we know all the ways we can make permanent repairs to restore the structural stability of your home. Through our decades in business, we’ve built a reputation as a trusted foundation repair contractor in Norman.

Signs Your Norman Home Needs Foundation Repair

On a daily basis, most of us might not notice the signs of stress on our foundations. But when signs of foundation damage go unaddressed, the damage will only get worse with time, leading to more expensive repairs down the line. If you’ve noticed any of these common indications like sagging and uneven floors or wall cracks that your Norman, OK foundation is in need of repair, contact Vesta Foundation Solutions for your free inspection:

  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Sagging or uneven floors
  • Cracks in the drywall at the corners
  • Gaps between the walls and floors
  • Cracks or crumbling in the foundation
  • Stair-step cracks in the basement walls
  • Bowed basement walls
  • Cracked concrete floors

Any one or a number of these symptoms can indicate problems with the foundation of your home, and if repairs are left undone for a long time, the damage will get worse and the cost for repair will be higher.

Solutions for Your Foundation Repair

We offer free inspections to determine the kind of damage done to the foundation of your home in Norman, OK, like sagging and uneven floors or wall cracks, and identify the exact cause for the damage. We are dedicated to being thorough because we want the solution we provide to be long-lasting and exclusive to your property. We have helical and push pier solutions for heavy-duty repairs, and anchor systems to restore the stability of basement walls. We can also install wall braces and brackets. Our Norman, OK foundation repair experts will diagnose the problem, and we’ll recommend the exact solution that’s right for your property. We won’t recommend work you don’t need, and we’ll give you a fair and honest estimate.

The Vesta Difference

We set ourselves apart from the competition with our commitment to superior customer service and exceptional craftsmanship, along with our dedication to giving back to our communities by keeping their homes stable and secure. We take our work personally, and you will see that when we go above your expectations in the foundation repair of your Norman home. Reach out to schedule your free inspection today!

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