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Interior Slab Lifting in Tulsa, OK

The interior slab in this Tulsa, OK home was causing unalignment between the ceiling and cabinet fixtures. Vesta Foundation was able to use our PolyLevel Foam injection to level and even the slab.  

Seminole, OK Home Lifted back to Original Position

This Seminole, OK home had evidence of settlement with cracks in the exterior bricks. Vesta Foundation Solutions was able to lift the home back up with our piering system. 

Stillwater, OK Crawl Space Needed a Lift

This home built in the 1800's needed help after decades of improper repairs never accomplished a permanent solution. This home had 12 smart jacks and steel beams installed by the Vesta Foundation Repair team. After working to place jacks in place, the old piers were removed and the floor was raised nearly 2 inches!

Driveway leveling in Stillwater

The Vesta Foundation Solutions team helped this homeowner get their home ready to sell by fixing these unsightly trip hazards. 

Driveway Repair With Injection Technology in Perry, OK

Sometimes when you see a settled driveway you think the best way to repair it may be to jackhammer the sections out and start over.  This thinking is common before customers find out about our PolyLevel system. This foam injection lift system does a great job to lift and level concrete back to original position.  

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