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Addressing all of your crawl space's issues will promote energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

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Your home is a system, and every part of that system plays a role that affects the rest of the structure. If your crawl space begins to rot, grow mold, or experience structural problems, this will extend to every part of your home.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we specialize in crawl space problems of all types. We offer free crawl space repair quotes in the Oklahoma area, including areas like Edmond.

Symptoms of a crawl space problem

  • Drywall cracks in the interior
  • Uneven floors
  • Foul odors in the home
  • Heightened allergies or asthma symptoms

If you're having a problem with your crawl space, you've come to the right place. Whatever your issue, we have the products and experience that you need to find the best solution.

Crawl space repair will help you avoid unnecessary repairs, create a healthier living space, and save money on your utility bills. And once you've encapsulated your crawl space with a vapor barrier, you've gained valuable storage space in your home.

Before and After
  • Crawl Space Repair in Fayettville, AR
    Crawl Space Repair in Fayettville, AR

    Crawl Space Repair in Fayettville, AR

    This Fayettville crawl space was experiencing many issues. Relative humidity was causing moisture to develop, this in turn was causing mold issues along with wood rot. There was also issues with critters and bugs coming in. During the colder months, the homeowners  were experiencing drafts throughout the home. They knew that Vesta Foundation Solutions could come solve their problems!

    Vesta's system design specialist. Will Blake , quickly came to evaluate the situation. He concluded that we would be using our CleanSpace System and Wrap Piers. 

    The 21 millimeter CleanSpace system was installed in the crawl space as a vapor barrier. Not only does CleanSpace protect from the moisture, but it also helps keep the critters out.

  • Dry and Healthy Crawl Space in Tulsa, OK
    Dry and Healthy Crawl Space in Tulsa, OK

    Dry and Healthy Crawl Space in Tulsa, OK

    When customers in Tulsa call us to discuss problems with their pier and beam structure, they often complain about musty smells, poor indoor air quality, and cold floors. That is exactly the problem with most homes in Oklahoma that have foundation vents. This is a common problem that can be repaired with the CleanSpace Crawl space encapsulation system. This is a simple system that encloses your crawl space and creates a dry usable space. The vapor barrier is installed on the dirt floor and up the walls.  All joints are taped and the air space conditioned to make sure no mold can grow.  

  • Another Clean Crawl Space in Tulsa, OK
    Another Clean Crawl Space in Tulsa, OK

    Another Clean Crawl Space in Tulsa, OK

    This crawl space was experiencing condensation and mold growth. The Vesta Foundation Solutions team installed a CleanSpace vapor barrier to help seal moisture out and treat this space like a clean healthy pier and beam constructed home.  Now this homeowner can use this as added storage!

  • Crawl Space Repair in Tulsa, OK
    Crawl Space Repair in Tulsa, OK

    Crawl Space Repair in Tulsa, OK

    This Tulsa home was having issues with keeping critters, insects, and moisture out of their crawl space. They needed a solution to avert the problems from reoccurring. They gave Vesta Foundation Solutions a phone call and we were quick to get out there and help.


    Vesta Design Specialist, Josh Nation, evaluated the issues they were having and came up with a fix for all of their crawl space problems. Vesta would be installing our CleanSpace system, SmaprtPipe, SaniDry Sedona, and SmartSump.


    The CleanSpace system was installed. CleanSpace is a 20 millimeter thick liner used as a vapor barrier to prevent water vapor and humidity from passing through. The SmartPipe is used as a draining system. The SaniDry  Dehumidifier is used to keep the relative humidity out. And last is the SmartSump, this keeps any water that is coming in, out. 

  • Crawl Space Repair & Vapor Barrier in Ponca City, OK
    Crawl Space Repair & Vapor Barrier in Ponca City, OK

    Crawl Space Repair & Vapor Barrier in Ponca City, OK

    These homeowners in Ponca City were experiencing too much moisture in their dirt crawl space. This moisture was causing the homeowners wood rot, mold and overall an unsafe environment for their home. They did a quick google search and Vesta Foundation solutions was the top answer to their problem, so they gave us a call.

    Our System Design Specialist, Josh Nation, went and evaluated the assessed the situation. After doing a thourough inspection, he determined the resolution to their problem was our CleanSpace and SaniDry Sedona products.

    CleanSpace is the vapor barrier that keeps moisture out so that it can cut out the above issues. SaniDry was installed to filter the air, keeping out musty and damp odors. The homeowners are happy to have a healthier living space for years to come thanks to Team Vesta!   

Crawl Space Repair: Before and After

Crawl Space Repair Before in Oklahoma City

Moisture, mold and falling, failing insulation are problems in this crawl space, which hasn’t been properly sealed.

Crawl Space Repair After in Tulsa

The encapsulation treatment totally separates and protects the crawl space interior from outdoor conditions, keeping the space clean and dry.

Certified Crawl Space Contractors in Oklahoma

Crawl space encapsulation & repair system

All-size solutions. The CleanSpace® Crawl Space Encapsulation System can provide moisture control for any size crawl space. 

At Vesta Foundation Solutions we use and recommend products developed by the Basement Systems® International network of waterproofing contractors. In business since 1987, Basement Systems® operates a full Research and Development department, constantly searching the industry for the best, most proven products for lasting crawl space solutions.

With more than 30 patented products, Basement Systems® provides crawl space repair solutions that include a written warranty and have been used at hundreds of dealerships across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Your free crawl space repair quote includes an on-site inspection, professional consultation, and written quote. Before your free quote, we'll also send you a copy of our full-color Crawl Space Science Book. Our book includes 88 pages of information on crawl space issues, how they're solved, and what our products can do for you. Call or e-mail us today to get started!

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