Lakehoma Elementary school in Mustang Oklahoma was dealing with the entrance of unwanted water into several classrooms on the lower level of their building. This school is split level, meaning that the bottom underground level is susceptible to the leaking and pouring in of rainwater. The school knew that it could no longer deal with this water entering the classrooms so they reached out to us for a free, no-obligation inspection. Our diagnostics and design manager Craig Ruiz went out to the school and proposed a solution that would keep the split level school dry all the time. 


After a thorough inspection, Craig proposed that the school move forward with a full waterproofing of the lower level. This would include the installation of 365 ft of water guard, 150ft of Drytrak, 8 triple safe sump pumps, 388 ft of Brightwall, 279 ft of Cleanspace, and 8 Sanidry XP dehumidifiers. The install of these products will ensure that the school stays 100% dry, 100% of the time. After the proposal, the school was ready to move forward and take the steps the complete the job. 

The first step of the install was dust-proofing the area, making sure that the building would stay clean and safe while getting the project done. After the lower level was dust-proofed and ready the team began to install the system. There are 8 classrooms that were directly affected by the water so each classroom was equipped with its own waterproofing system including a sump pump and dehumidifier. The System was strategically placed to be out of the way and reduce added noise to the classrooms. The Vesta production team worked diligently to ensure that the install was smooth and efficient. 

We are very happy to have gotten the opportunity to work with Lakehoma Elementary!