The El Reno home was experiencing sagging floors and a weak support system in what used to be the kitchen of the house. The homeowners wanted to prevent the city from demolishing his childhood home that was built in 1902.


After our Vesta team provided a free, no-obligation inspection, the homeowners were ready to move forward with restoring the crawlspace of this historic home. To ensure that we would fix the problem for years to come, we installed and replaced the joist in the kitchen and Smart jack throughout the crawlspace to provide stability and prevent future sagging.

The products we used were Smart Jacks. Smart Jack is effective for unlevel floors. We first dug a hole for each Smart Jack. We used a total of thirteen Smart Jacks for this entire project. After each hole is dug, gravel is poured as a structural stone, or footing is placed on it. A piece of steel is then measured and placed within the joist of the crawlspace. The Smart Jack is equipped with an adjustable screw. It not only helps raise your floor but also can be adjusted in the future if need be.

This was a three-day job. We completed the first 9 Smart Jack within the crawlspace around the home to build stability. We then rebuilt the whole kitchen floor joist.

This included removing all of the rotten and deteriorated debris from the space. Our crawlspace installers had measured and cut to size all needed wood to replace the floor joist. As the wood was measured and placed, they proceeded to add four more Smart Jacks underneath the new joist. These will provide extra support and stability to their home and their crawlspace.

Our crawlspace installers completed this job efficiently and effectively. This is one of the reasons Vesta Foundation Solutions is a top choice for home foundation repairs and crawlspace installers.


Vesta Foundation Solutions is an award-winning Oklahoma City foundation repair contractor and crawl space waterproofing specialist founded in 2017. We repair over 40 homes a week ranging from concrete repair to dirt crawl space solutions. We service all of Oklahoma such as: Tulsa, Yukon, El Reno Edmond.

When it comes to the long-lasting stability of your home, it is crucial to have an experienced professional to call. Vesta is a company that understands the best practices that will help restore and protect your home's structural integrity. We provide free, no-obligation estimates in crawl space repair, foundation repair, concrete lift and leveling, and basement waterproofing.