The Problem of Floor and Wall Cracks

Your home risks devastating water damage when cracks form in your floors or walls. Once cracks start, rainwater can easily get through, making them worse over time. It's essential to have them inspected and fixed as soon as possible.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we offer free Oklahoma City basement crack repair inspections to every resident in the area. Call (405) 213-0492 to schedule yours today.

Understanding the Root Cause

Water is the most significant cause of cracks in basement floors and walls. When soil is too saturated, it puts tons of pressure on them. This pressure is commonly caused by the expansion and contraction of the soil around your home, which leads to cracks forming in the walls and floors.

In our recent case, a homeowner in Oklahoma City experienced severe floor cracks as water seeped into their home. The immediate challenge was to prevent further water ingress and damage while addressing the existing cracks.

Comprehensive Crack Repair

Vesta Foundation Solutions tackled this problem with a three-fold approach:

1. Free Inspection and Diagnosis

  • We began with a thorough inspection to identify all the points where water entered the basement. This free service ensures homeowners know exactly what they're dealing with without any upfront costs.
  • During the inspection, we identified the cracks and assessed the extent of the damage.

2. Installation of a Perimeter Drainage System

  • We installed a robust perimeter drainage system designed to capture water before it could enter the home. This system effectively reroutes water to an outdoor sump pump.
  • The drainage system is critical to preventing future cracks because it alleviates the pressure caused by saturated soil.

3. Rerouting Water with a Sump Pump

  • The water captured by the drainage system is directed to a sump pump outside the home. This sump pump efficiently removes water from the property, preventing it from causing further damage.
  • This method is highly effective in keeping basements dry and preserving the integrity of the home's foundation.

The Results: A Happy Homeowner

The homeowner was extremely satisfied with the results. By capturing and rerouting the water, Vesta Foundation Solutions effectively stopped water from entering the same spot and creating more cracks. The home is now safe from water damage, and the foundation's integrity has been restored.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of our solution was a significant relief for the homeowner. The home foundation repair cost was kept within a reasonable range, making it a viable option for many homeowners in the Broken Arrow area.

Proof of Effectiveness

To illustrate the effectiveness of our solution, consider these proof points:

  • Reduction in Water Damage: The homeowner reported a 75% decrease in basement moisture levels after the installation.
  • Longevity: Our perimeter drainage systems are designed to last, providing long-term protection against water ingress and subsequent cracking.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Over 90% of our customers report being highly satisfied with our crack repair services, citing our solutions' immediate and lasting impact.

Protect Your Home Today

If not addressed promptly, cracks in your floors and walls can lead to severe water damage. Vesta Foundation Solutions provides an effective, cost-efficient solution to this problem. Our free inspections, expert installation of drainage systems, and reliable sump pumps ensure that your home remains safe and dry.

Don't wait for the problem to worsen. Contact Vesta Foundation Solutions at (405) 213-0492 for a free inspection today and protect your home from devastating water damage.


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