This 22x14 ft addition on our customer's home began to settle several years ago.  The monolithic footing had sunk into the soil due to poor drainage and drought conditions. The foundation was a thinner pour making it to fragile for piering yet to heavy for other interior piering and/or mudjacking solutions.  The finish floor inside of the addition also made it difficult to bore large holes into the concrete commonly found with Mudjacking and other techniques.


Vetsa Foundation Solutions installed a poly level foam injection under the concrete to permanently stabilize and lift the foundation.  5 small holes were drilled through the center of several tile sections.  This way the hole could be patched easily using color matching grout.  The PolyLevel foam injection was applied using a ports to help ensure the mix was properly dispersed beneath the concrete before expanding. The floor was raised off of the temporary outside jacks installed by the homeowner within a few minutes of injection. The slab was rotated back into place, floor stabilized and site cleaned.  Total project time from start to finish was 2 hours. 

Project Summary

Project Manager: Will Blake

Installing Contractor: Vesta Foundation Solutions

Products Installed: PolyLevel Model 250