Pool Deck Repair in Arcadia, OK

BEFOREPool Deck Repair in Arcadia, OK - Before Photo
AFTERPool Deck Repair in Arcadia, OK - After Photo

The pool should be a fun and and relaxing environment. This pool deck was causing a dangerous tripping hazard for this Arcadia, OK home. Vesta Foundation
solutions was able to level the concrete slab back up using our PolyLevel Foam
injection. Now these homeowners can have a peace of mind again.

Seminole, OK Home Lifted back to Original Position

BEFORESeminole, OK Home Lifted back to Original Position - Before Photo
AFTERSeminole, OK Home Lifted back to Original Position - After Photo

This Seminole, OK home had evidence of settlement with cracks in the exterior bricks. Vesta Foundation Solutions was able to lift the home back up with our piering system. 

Sidewalk Lifted in Guthrie, OK

BEFORESidewalk Lifted in Guthrie, OK - Before Photo
AFTERSidewalk Lifted in Guthrie, OK - After Photo

If you have been tolerating that little toe-catcher when you are unloading your groceries or trying to get into your home during a rain storm; you are like many of the customers that we help every day. This customer had the VESTA team lift their sidewalk nearly 4 inches!  This was less than 40% the cost of replacing the concrete and now they have a great warranty on this now safe access to their home!

Edmond, OK Pool Deck Repair

BEFOREEdmond, OK Pool Deck Repair - Before Photo
AFTEREdmond, OK Pool Deck Repair - After Photo

The Vesta Team lifted an entire pool deck in Edmond. Sections were settling up to 4 inches! We fixed all the tripping hazards.

Basement Repair in Hennessey, OK

BEFOREBasement Repair in Hennessey, OK - Before Photo
AFTERBasement Repair in Hennessey, OK - After Photo

This Hennessey home had 2 inches of movement in their floors. This was causing cracks in the sheet rock and doorways. They called Vesta Foundation Solutions to fix the issue.

The Vesta Team member Josh Nation assessed the situation. His conclusion was that the home needed Smart Jacks to fix the issue.

The Vesta production team installed 3 Smart jacks in the basement. This allowed the floors to return to where they previously were. 

Pool Deck Repair – McLoud, Ok

BEFOREPool Deck Repair - McLoud, Ok - Before Photo
AFTERPool Deck Repair - McLoud, Ok - After Photo

The Vesta team was able to lift this slab up over an inch, back to level position with the brick around the pool, eliminating any tripping hazards and bringing piece of mind back to the homeowner just in time for warm weather. 

Shawnee, OK PolyLevel Repairs Cracked Wall

BEFOREShawnee, OK PolyLevel Repairs Cracked Wall - Before Photo
AFTERShawnee, OK PolyLevel Repairs Cracked Wall - After Photo

The Vesta Foundation Solutions team used PolyLevel injection to repair a large crack in a home. It was a great success!

Bowing Wall Repair in Shawnee, OK

BEFOREBowing Wall Repair in Shawnee, OK - Before Photo
AFTERBowing Wall Repair in Shawnee, OK - After Photo

Vesta team repaired a bowing and cracked foundation wall using the patented Powerbrace system. 

Pool Deck Repair in Edmond, Ok

BEFOREPool Deck Repair in Edmond, Ok - Before Photo
AFTERPool Deck Repair in Edmond, Ok - After Photo

The fall season is upon us and many homeowners are going to be getting ready to finish enjoying their summer and getting the pool ready for winterizing.  The Vesta Foundation Solutions team can help get the pool deck repaired before you stretch the cover over the coping.  This homeowner has a 1 inch drop in their concrete that the PolyLevel solution was able to repair. 

Edmond, OK Slab Home Lifted Using PolyLevel

BEFOREEdmond, OK Slab Home Lifted Using PolyLevel - Before Photo
AFTEREdmond, OK Slab Home Lifted Using PolyLevel - After Photo

This home in Edmond, OK was experiencing sunken slabs due to past plumbing leaks. This caused the slab to sink nearly 2 and a half inches. The Vesta crew was able to lift not only the slab but the stand-alone masonry chimney. 

Edmond Children’s Safety Village Lift, Level, and Seal

BEFOREVesta Foundation repair technician fixing cracked concrete
AFTERCracked outdoor concrete example

Our team was able to lift, level, and seal several areas at the Edmond Children's Safety Village. The areas had been sinking and cracking due to water runoff. Our Poly-level injection is a noninvasive and cost-effective solution to lift the areas back to their original position. After the areas were lifted and level, the cracks were sealed with our Nexus pro sealant to avoid any more water and debris getting in the area. Nexus Pro is specifically engineered to withstand weather and have long-lasting flexibility.

Crawl Space Repair in Edmond, OK

BEFORECrawl Space Repair in Edmond, OK - Before Photo
AFTERCrawl Space Repair in Edmond, OK - After Photo

This Edmond crawl space, like most, was in an unhealthy condition. The homeowners were experiencing the smell of mold, uneven floors, and drafts during the colder months. They had seen reviews about Vesta Foundation Solutions and immediately called to get a free inspection.

Vesta Foundation Solutions, System Design Specialist, Ryan Blaine showed up in no time to see exactly what the solution needed to be. His conclusion was that the homeowners would need our CleanSpace system and SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. Andrew Violette and his production team went to the home and started on the project.

The CleanSpace was installed as a vapor barrier to keep as much moisture out as possible. The SaniDry Sedona was installed to keep the relative humidity below 55%. With these two products combined, we can create an environment that remains dry, clean, and healthy, as well as far more energy efficient.