Crawl Space Repair in Edmond, OK

This Edmond crawl space, like most, was in an unhealthy condition. The homeowners were experiencing the smell of mold, uneven floors, and drafts during the colder months. They had seen reviews about Vesta Foundation Solutions and immediately called to get a free inspection.

Vesta Foundation Solutions, System Design Specialist, Ryan Blaine showed up in no time to see exactly what the solution needed to be. His conclusion was that the homeowners would need our CleanSpace system and SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. Andrew Violette and his production team went to the home and started on the project.

The CleanSpace was installed as a vapor barrier to keep as much moisture out as possible. The SaniDry Sedona was installed to keep the relative humidity below 55%. With these two products combined, we can create an environment that remains dry, clean, and healthy, as well as far more energy efficient.