Do you know how your air circulates? Do you know what you are breathing in daily?

The stack effect means that you breathe in that air from that space below you. If one were to have a basement or a crawl space, the airflow would circulate in your home from bottom to top. Therefore, what is in your air that you are breathing in every day?

A crawlspace or a basement would draw air into the first floor of the house, and if you have a second or third floor, it will draw air into there as well. Yes, the air flowing from the bottom of the house will be diluted throughout the house.

Quick Fact: Scientists have stated that 50% of the air one will breathe on the first floor of the house will be from their crawl space or basement.

No matter how much time you spend in your basement or crawlspace. You are in your house every day, and the air that you are breathing could be affecting you unknowingly. Basements and Crawl Spaces in high humidity areas can contain mold spores if not vented correctly. These mold spores could potentially be flowing through the air in your house. You and your family could be breathing in mold daily.

To solve this issue, first would have to keep the outside air out. All the vents and areas where air can enter will need to be sealed. You could have air entering the basement or crawlspace from the garage and not know it. Second, one will need to keep the crawl space dry. Here at Vesta, we could add insulation into your crawlspace's floor or walls to help keep the area sealed from the outside air. The insulation can help keep the air dry and provide an energy cost-efficient way to keep costs low on heating and air conditioning throughout the years.

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