When it rains, standing or pooling water around your home may be the first sign of yard drainage issues. If this water is allowed to pool, the soil will absorb as much of it as possible, which will cause your lawn to become too wet.

 What is the cause of water pooling in my yard?

  • Issues with downspouts and gutters
  • Erosion
  • Yards that are not graded properly

Downspout and Gutter Issues 

 It is imperative to note that downspouts and gutters can have a significant effect on how your yard drains water.

    • In the event that the gutters are positioned too close to the house, moisture may build up around the foundation. This can result in the soil becoming more saturated, leading to the foundation sinking.
    • Too short downspouts will not divert the water to another location, causing it to stand or pool around the home, causing the foundation to become oversaturated.


Having standing or pooling water in your yard can cause erosion of the top soil as well as a large amount of standing or pooling water.

 How does erosion occur? 

Erosion refers to the movement of soil caused by water, ice, wind, or gravity. In this case, the topsoil could be naturally eroded, causing damage to the lawn as a result.

Poor Yard Grading

There are some homeowners whose homes sit on a lower grade than the rest of their property. As a result of a rainstorm, flood, or melting snow, water may begin to move toward the home rather than away from it.

Our Solution

While you may be able to address drainage issues on your own, it may be in your best interests to consult with a professional with grading and drainage experience, depending on how severe the problem is. Our company has assisted countless homeowners in Edmond, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding areas in remedying their soggy backyards with an attractive and effective solution. Schedule a FREE inspection today by calling us at (855) 55-VESTA or visiting our website.