Sinking Driveway

Concrete failure can be a very frustrating occurrence. As soil shifts and settles, concrete slabs become susceptible to cracking and sinking. You might at first notice some slight cracks and then the breaking and sinking of an area in the concrete. Driveways, sidewalks, and patios seem to be a main concern of homeowners. Concrete failure can play into the well being of a family dynamic especially if it becomes a trip hazard. 

There are a few different reasons that concrete begins to fail, starting with the original compaction of the soil. If the soil was poorly compacted it will start to shift underneath the new area. The moisture level of the soil also plays a part in the longevity of concrete, if the area is too wet or dry problems will begin to occur. As soil moves, dries, and washes away voids will begin to occur underneath the area. As voids appear the concrete slab begin to crack and sink into the affected area of soil. 

Many homeowners may or may not know the available solutions to their problem. Mudjacking is a method that has been around since the early 1900s. Several huge holes are put in place to place the mud under the slab.  It is a messy, uncontrollable, and invasive solution. Mudjacking will take longer to cure and will eventually wash away. Complete concrete replacement is another possible solution. When you begin full replacement you must remove the original slab by jackhammering and hauling away the pieces. The concrete replacement process is an extensive project that will not even solve the actual problem, which has to do with the underlying soil movement so you will in time end up with the same problem. 

The Vesta PolyLevel system uses modern technology to lift and level your concrete slab. PolyLevel is a polymer mix that is injected as a hot substance and instantly begins to expand. The process is very noninvasive and cost-effective, it is infused through a pen size whole that is easily covered. The structural grade foam will fill the voids and will not wash away with water. The PolyLevel system has a 5-year Warranty, once your home is inspected you will know the steps that will be taken to fix your concrete area. 


Cracked and Sinking Concrete