This is a common question we have when speaking with customers near our neighbor to the north.  When customers in Enid and Tulsa ask us why they are more likely to have basements or dirt crawl spaces we refer to a referral from our building code referred to as "FROST DEPTHS".  This is the amount of freezing that occurs beneath a certain level under your home's soil.  This can range depending on your altitude but the primary is influenced by your placement along the world's latitude.  

The closer you are to our poles, the deeper the ground will freeze during the winter months.  The code standard takes this into consideration and enforces standards to help ensure your builder creates foundation beneath the frost line.  When you near the Kansas Border the code mandates you dig your foundations footer deeper into the ground.  In many cases, the foundation walls are then raised to accommodate this foundation type. As you travel North, the depths become deeper because of the frost line and foundation styles begin to change.  

For more information regarding foundation types and different problems associated with each, visit Vesta Foundation Solutions Homepage.  There are several pages of information showing types of problems and how they can bepermanentlyy repaired.