Foundation vents are typically 16 inch wide by 8 inch tall openings found on crawl space constructed foundation walls.  These vents were designed decades ago to allow moisture to escape through cross ventilation and prevent moisture from building up their homes.  Many decades ago this was found to be a reliable method to preventing moisture problems from occuring beneath a wood floor framed constructed home.  As technology such as central heating and air condition was designed this began to propel the science of dirt crawl spaces into a different direction.  Additional insulation, double pane glass windows and improved air quality began to become a staple in building codes.  However the crawl space ventilation system did not change with the improving codes.  This allows cold air to come in during winter causing uncomfortable floors in the winter months.  This also increases already high energy costs.  During the summer months warm humid air comes into the cooler space and causes condensation to form on the fiberglass insulation and on the wood floor framing.  

Over time this slow cycle of cold/dry and warm/moist periods causes damage, mold growth, and rot to your wood floor system.

Old crawl space thinking of ventilating dirt crawl space has changed.  We have successfuly fixed tens of thousands of homes throughout the US throughout our contractor network using the patented CleanSpace System.  The Cleanspace System isolates the damp soil from releasing vapor using a 20 mil thick vapor barrier.  The joints are sealed and wall sections mechanically fastened to prevent moisture from the walls.  Once complete, the vents can be permenantly sealed and brought up to the now normal standard of crawl space science. A specially designed dehumidifier may be installed to help stop effects of rot and even filter the air of indoor air allergens.  Many customers that have a complete crawl space experience 15-18% energy savings by sealing their crawl space properly.

This is a quick and affordable repair that pays customers back over time and continues to pay them over the long term with energy performance and preventative maintenance. It is a skilled art to permenantly sealing up a crawl space with an encapsulation system and we encourage anyone looking for more information to call us for a free book called: "Crawl Space Science" by Author Lawrence Janesky.  This books does so well to explain the pro's and cons of crawl space sealing and the best steps to fixing it.  

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