When deciding on a foundation repair in the greater OKC areas, many customers ask us what our thoughts are on fixing the wood floor system that exists in nearly 30% of the construction in Oklahoma.  One important item to remember when discussing a dirt floor crawl space is that wood framing is a 'dead tree'.  This means as time goes on, the wood framing will naturally deteriorate.  Making sure you use long lasting materials is important when properly supporting your framing under the home. Newer pressure treated plywood commonly creates another breeding ground for mold since arsenic has been removed from the treating process back in 2007.  Concrete piers are common to be used but can be limiting due to the ability to adjust the floor framing is expansion and contraction occur. The best system to use is typically a variation of Steel Piering System in conjunction with proper steel beams.  When correcting Pier and Beam construction, you have to be sure all of your loads are properly calculated and the appropriate materials are being utilized.  The Vesta team used a galvanized system known as a smart jack in conjunction with steel beam systems.  This removes any concern from ongoing settlement caused by moisture and provides no food source for mold. Below are some examples of the Smart Jack System in use in a home in Enid, OK.  this system was installed over the course of two days and lifted the home nearly 3 inches. 

For more information on how to properly repair your foundation and other related issues, please contact Vesta Foundation Solutions. Vesta Foundation Solutions provides foundation repair, concrete leveling, and dirt crawl space repair to customers throughout Oklahoma.