Just recently we encountered some homeowners with concerns about their driveway in El Reno, OK. The were experiencing problems with their driveways kinking at the street approach and damage to the garage stem wall.  

Street Creep in El Reno

While having the home reviewed several times by other professionals, we found that the true nature of the problem was a movement of the slab driveway because of street creep.  Street creep is where the driveway slabs shift and move because of debris that settles inside of the joints and expands during warmer days of the year creating micro-movements in your slabs.  Some driveways can shift upwards of 1/4 inch per year!  While this is a slowly moving problem, your home will eventually have problems caused by this movement.  A simple way to prevent and repair street creep is having a Vesta Compression Guard installed. This is a 4 inch wide expansion joint cut into the concrete and set to act as a permanent shock absorber for your driveway.  This system comes with the industries best warranty and can be installed in as little as one day.  If you have concerns about whether or not you have foundation cracking, settlement, or street creep; feel free to call the professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions today for a free consultation. 

Vesta compression guard to prevent street creep Installation of Street Creep