Have you noticed your basement walls tend to be a little moist from time to time?
Have you seen some small water puddles after it rains?

These are common symptoms of a moist basement. A moist basement can result in a humid, damp, and wet basement and can cause damage, mildew, paint peeling, and rotten wood. Things such as these can damage valuable items located in the basement.

It is often difficult for homeowners to identify the issues that come with a wet basement. Underlying issues can be occurring as well as just having a damp basement.

Hydrostatic pressure seems to be a reoccurring issue for basements throughout Oklahoma City. Hydrostatic pressure occurs because the soil in the ground becomes saturated with water and expands. After the soil is saturated, it places a massive force against the basement walls and floors.

When a home is built, something called a clay bowl effect can occur. The soil is disturbed and placed back into the ground around your foundation. After upsetting the soil, it becomes weaker than it was before. The soil is now not as tightly compacted as the undisturbed soil outside the area. The clay bowl effect can cause water to seep into the soil and place pressure on the foundation walls.

Basement waterproofing can be helpful for those who are experiencing these issues firsthand.

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