Level Cracking & Uneven Floors Near Dallas

Structural Solutions For Sagging Crawl Spaces

Does your home have sagging or bouncy floors? If so, your crawl space may have structural support issues. The team at Vesta Foundation Solutions offers proven structural solutions for crawl spaces in the Dallas area. Our concrete floor leveling system can handle any job, call us today to get started! 

SmartJack® Specifications

Our SmartJack® system is a proven solution to repairing sinking crawl spaces here in Dallas to provide support to your home’s floors. 

  • Superior lifting - If your floor is sinking, the SmartJack® system can support and lift it back to its correct, level position.
  • Versatile installation - We can install this system in any space, regardless of the size.
  • More substantial crawl space support - Supports vertical loads of 60,000 pounds.
  • Fast, year-round installation - Our team can install this system within one day, any time of year, without the need to wait for concrete to cure.

Whether it’s wood or concrete, our floor leveling experts in Dallas can install the SmartJack® system to help balance and stabilize your foundation. 

Advantages to Our System

When we install the SmartJack® system, our experts in Dallas provide crawl space structural repair, restoring the support of your home and resolving uneven or sagging floors. We can install these support jacks quickly without disturbing the surrounding soil or your landscaping. 

This images shows a repaired uneven floor solution

Installing the SmartJack®

Our experienced team of dedicated and licensed technicians can install the SmartJack® system in about a day. Here is how the process works:

  • Preparation - Our experts map out a plan.
  • Precast footing - This serves as the base of the system.
  • Cutting jack posts - We measure and cut posts, which are manufactured with a triple-layered in-line galvanized coating.
  • Assemble and secure - We custom measure each jack post and connect them to the crawl space for lasting support, lifting and leveling the floors, closing cracks in walls, and preventing future sinking.
  • Encapsulation - This process is key to protecting your crawl space area from moisture, pests, and wood rot.

Our team works quickly and efficiently to install effective support solutions for your crawl space area. We have the training and experience to properly secure the SmartJack® system and prevent any shifting. If you need concrete floor leveling in Dallas, your crawl space structural repair solutions are just a call away with Vesta Foundation Solutions!

Local Crawl Space Structural Support Contractors

The team at Vesta Foundation Solutions in Dallas are expert concrete/wood floor leveling specialists, who offer a permanent solution to your sagging crawl space and uneven floors. Contact us today for your free inspection!