Many Homeowners ask us why we are so thorough on our inspections.  During an evaluation of your foundation it is important to know whether or not you actually have a problem, how extensive, and at what rate.  The proper way to determine the condition of your foundation repair includes several aspects that most either do not know exist or do not have the proper equipment to evaluate.  Here are some basic items to look for when trying to choose a responsible foundation repair contractor.

(1) Are they using Soil Data Reports for evaluating your home?

Soil Report in Norman, OK

Many contractors just assume you have red clay under your home.  While this sounds correct, we have over 70 different soil types in the immediate Oklahoma City Area.  Understanding where these exist are important to knowing why you may have an issue in the first place.  In the image shown to the left you can see the lines helping identify where the soil layers change.  In this case the customer may be on Silty Kingfisher fine loam, or iron mound complex.  These reports are used daily by Vesta Foundation Solutions staff to make sure your foundation repair is diagnosed properly and accurately.


(2) Are they using a laser level to determine where your settlement starts and stops?

Identifying where your foundation moves and where it is stable takes more than just an 'eyeball' approach to diagnosing.  Below you will see a laser transit used to help determine where the foundation is moving.  Using tape and pulling measurements off of the foundations mortar joints will help you understand where the foundation wall is cracked and where steel piers can be installed. 

Laser Level to diagnose FOundation Settlement Responsible Diagnoses using a Laser Level

(3) Are they calculating the weight of your home?

Load calculations are a proper way to make sure the repair method and spacing is correct on your foundation.  Many contractors may increase the spacing of your piers to help bring the price down however, this will allow the foundation to rack between each pier.  Imagine your foundation as a bridge over water.  If the piers are spaced to far apart the bridge will crack and sink over the weight of itself.  Your home is no different.  Also understanding how much your home weighs will help determine the type of pier.  Vesta Foundation Solutions has over 14 pier systems to choose from.  This way you can be rest assured your home is permanently stabilized.