Helical piers can provide your home with permanent foundation support whether it is suffering from soil settlement, or you're wanting to prevent the settlement from happening.

What exactly is a helical pier and what does it do? Helical piers get its name from their unique design. The first steel rod that is mechanically screwed into the soil has one or more helix-shaped blades welded to the shaft, allowing it to push through soil easily.  Each pier is installed to the appropriate depth and capacity to stabilize your home. Once competent soil has been reached, a steel bracket is connected to the helical piers and your home's footing. The weight of your home is then transferred from the unstable soils, through the piers to the stable bedrock below.

The patented Helical Pier System that Vesta Foundation Solutions provides can be installed in the interior or exterior of your home, making it one of the best solutions for foundation stabilization and lift. This is can be your home's ideal product to protect from future settlement or repair from your home's current settlement. 

The Benefits of the Helical Pier System

-Provides immediate support and stabilization for your home

-Suitable for heavy or light structures

-Reaches greater depths than other systems

-Resistant to bending due to the round shaft

-Galvanized steel that will not rust

-Less invasive installation around your home

-Often lifts foundations back to its original position

If your home is showing signs of settlement, contact Vesta Foundation Solutions for a free inspection. Your home is one of life's biggest investments, we're here to help!