It's not just sunburn and heat exhaustion that you should worry about this summer when the weather is dry and hot. Your foundation may be adversely affected by the frequent hot and dry weather in the surrounding areas.

Your home or business' foundation can be damaged by the summer heat. 

Shrinkage of the soil

Due to the recent weather patterns, there have been high heat indexes and this can lead to problems with your foundation. As a result, the soil around your home can become drier. Soil compacts and forms voids when this occurs, which means your foundation is no longer supported properly with these suspected voids (cracks and spaces) underneath. A sinking foundation can cause stress cracks in bricks or cracks in walls, resulting in cracks in your home.

Erosion of the soil

Following a dry spell, an adequate amount of rain will allow the water to enter the cracks and crevices created by the summer heat. As water rushes through these voids, it can cause severe foundation settlement under your home or slab. As the heavy rains continue, the voids beneath your house will fill up with water. In this way, the ground will become saturated, which causes hydrostatic pressure to build on your foundation. Your home can crack and heave due to this pressure.

A Solution For Your Foundation 

As much as we understand you and your family are concerned about all the issues that were discussed here, there are various solutions to all of them. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned. It is our team's pleasure to assist you in finding a solution to ensure the protection of your most valuable assets if you believe your foundation is beginning to fail.

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