When constructing a home, the contractor will likely create outside surfaces with concrete that provide access for entertaining, foot traffic, parking your vehicle or utility use.  These concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways and other surfaces are in most part made of a concrete slab poured over a compacted sand base.   Many customers experience settlement of their concrete surfaces because of three reasons.  The first is the soil was not compacted properly to support the weight of the slab.  Secondly, the soils under the slab tend to shrink due to moisture loss, like we would find in an extended dry period.  Last, many find the sand or soil is washing out after heavy rains and softening the soil.

In the pictures shown this Broken Arrow, OK customer was experiencing sinking concrete of the back patio because the soil underneath was not compacted properly.  The surfaces was elevated from the ground and the soil underneath was built up to support the slab.  Several years after the construction, the soil settled and left the customer with a tripping hazard along the border of the patio.

Sinking Slab in Broken Arrow, OK

In other case, commonly found with sinking sidewalks customers find the soil shrinks during dry periods.  The clay soil has a tendency to shrink leaving an open space beneath the slab surface and the concrete begins to settle.  Often times, heavy rains follow the dry periods and cause the sand used to prepare the ground for hard surfaces such as concrete erode out from under the slab.  In some cases you find that these problems occur after cycles of dry weather and thunderstorms.   Many Homeowners in Broken Arrow and alike, find these problems getting worse over time as the seasons change year to year.

Sinking Sidewalk in Broken Arrow, OK

Many of these concerns can be addressed with concrete leveling techniques such as Polylevel.  Polylevel is two part foam injection used to lift and level uneven concrete in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.  A Vesta Foundation Solutions technician can install Polylevel foam under sections of sinking concrete and stabilize the soil.  Once stabilized the technician can lift the concrete slowly back into position to help maintain a permanently stable concrete surface.

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