Many Homeowner's ask us about signs of a foundation problem and whether or not it is severe.  Before we begin we want everyone to know that foundation problems are not limited to a certain building type.  Whether you have a home over a dirt crawl space in Yukon or a slab on grade home in Mustang; each can have problems and it is all related to the soil your home rests on.  A thorough assessmenet can help evaluate the causes and options for repair.  While deciding on a contractor, here are a few signs to look out for:

1) Cracks on the inside or outside of your home.

When walking around your home, do you notice cracks above windows or doorways?  After getting out of your car, do you see cracks around the outside of your home?  These could be tell-tale signs of foundation settlement in your home.  Over time, soils under your home expand and contract causing movement.  While some cracking is normal, it could also be the start to a much larger issue.  

2) Binding doors and windows.

This sign is hard to spot in the cold, winter months.  However, once warmer weather starts to make an appearance, homeowners begin to open up their windows.  Are your windows difficult to open or won't open at all?  Do your interior doors not close all the way anymore?  This could be a sign of both failure of the foundation around your home or the foundation underneath it whether that be slab or wood framing.  Someitmes, this sign will appear long before cracking so make sure it's not just old windows.

3) Chimneys 

Chimney's hold sometimes two or three stories of brick or other cladding on the same footer that your home rests on.  This concentrated weight can cause a tipping effect to occur and the chimney begins to fall away from the home.  If you just purchased your home you may not noticed caulking beginning to seperate from the siding.  Be sure to also look for flashing leaks on the roof and vertical cracks show up in the brick. 

4) Binding or Shifted Concrete Slabs

In many cases these surfaces are non load bearing and do not have any direct relationship with the foundation.  This can indicate that the top soil layers were either poorly compacted or have been washed away from heavy rains.  These shifts can also be caused by voids underneeath the concrete that cause a gap to form.  The weight of the concrete begins to then fail under its own weight.

If you have noticed any of these signs at your home, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your foundation, Vesta Foundation Solutions is here to help.  Please feel free to call us to discuss or schedule a free evalutaion of your home.