A crawl space is known to trap moisture and promote mold and mildew in your home from the humid air. This can trigger specific allergies for you, your friends, or your family. The moisture within your crawl space can rot the exposed wooden floor joists holding up your most significant investment…your home.

Rotten Floor Joists

Rotten floor joists can stem from moisture in your crawl space. The key to a healthy floor joist would be to keep it dry.

You can help prevent rotten wood underneath your home in three ways.


Vesta Encapsulation Liner: This is a vapor barrier placed inside your crawl space to help stop the moisture from passing through the floors of your home and porous areas within your concrete walls. It can also help keep the humidity in your crawl space at a minimum.


This vapor barrier can help protect your home from poor indoor air quality and high humidity. The liner is a material known to stop the moisture from the soil from entering your home. It is about 10 to 20 mil thick and puncture resistant. The liner can also help protect the exposed wood and prevent mold and mildew growth.

Multiple studies have proven that a sealed/encapsulated crawl space can create a healthier, cleaner, safe space for your home. The elimination of the humidity fluctuations can help provide a more energy-efficient home as well!


Sump pump: Having a sump pump in your crawl space can help remove the groundwater entering underneath your home. A sump pump can help keep the water out of the floor in your crawl space. A sump pump can help keep the crawl space/basement dry. A large amount of water can become an issue within your home and its foundation.


Dehumidifier: A dehumidifier promotes optimal air circulation to keep the area clean and dry.


Remember that you do NOT need a dehumidifier if you have a vented crawl space. 

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