Retaining wall repair methods


On sloped lots in Oklahoma City, it is common to see walls leaning away from the original position when it was poured.  This is caused by the loose soil backfilled against the wall and slowly compressing.  This pressure begins to force the wall to lean due to there being no anchor to tie back the wall into the soil.  Many would assume that the walls would need to be rebuilt resulting in costly and destructive repair methods.  There are proven and permanent solutions now to these problems saving homeowners from Oklahoma City to Tulsa thousands in costly repairs.


The first repair method is a helical tieback system.  This system utilizes heavy galvanized steel bars with helical blades on them.  It is turned into the soil lie a large screw and then torqued to engineering specifications.  They are installed through the face of the wall using specialty equipment and then finished with a decorative or mechanical wall plate.  One feature that is great about the helical tieback system is, it can be installed underneath adjacent structures, homes, outbuildings and driveways.  It can also be slowly tightened to help straighten the wall over time.

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The other approach is using a buttress system.  When you cannot install a helical due to buried obstacles such as a pool or underground tank, a buttress system is used.  A buttress system is installed outside of the wall surface and angled back into the earth for an angles support.  These are installed in a manner that the wall is braced from further rotation and transfers the weight of the backfilled soil into the buttress and footing system installed.  The only downside to a buttress system is the ability to straighten that wall over time.

If you have concerns about a wall on your property, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation and diagnosis on the best ways to repair your home.  VESTA Foundation Solutions is an exclusive dealer for Foundation Supportworks providing foundation repair methods to customers all over Oklahoma City metro.  You can contact us Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm, or through the contact us portion of our website.