Rain can be a complete nuisance. Besides the fact of being wet and uncomfortable, there are other, more severe issues rain can cause.  Though a little rain is not a bad thing, heavier rain can cause foundation issues.

When it comes to concrete sinking, the main offender is the changing of soil under the slab. Many reasons contribute to soil change under concrete slabs, but here are the leading causes.

Inadequate Compacted Soil

Whenever a patio, home, sidewalk, etc. is being constructed, the soil is lost spread. When the concrete is placed on the loosely spread soil, there can be voids that are not filled. These empty voids cause lack of support, causing the concrete to sink and crack.


Soil Washout

Erosion, plumbing leaks, rain, etc. cause water to find a way under your concrete. When this occurs, it deteriorates the soil. When the soil deteriorates, there is not enough support for the weight of the concrete. This process happening over time will cause the concrete to sink.


Soil Moisture Changes

Different soils react to different conditions. Clay for example, when wet holds the water in and expands. But when there is a drought or a similar occurrence, the clay begins to shrink or crumble. This causes uneven space and there is not enough soil to support the concrete.


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