Recently with the drought conditions, we have many customers ask us about the reasons the inside of the home is experiencing slab settlement.  The outside of the home is in good condition and no cracks are appearing.  The problem is with interior doors and windows sticking as well as flooring beginning to buckle.  The first thing to look for is whether or not you have ducting lines running beneath your concrete floor.  This is a common method in Oklahoma that has been used to distribute heating and air conditioning throughout the home.  When your HVAC system turns on the fan and blower can dry out the soil beneath the home causing it to shrink.  The slab then is floating over an open void and eventually settles.  If the builder backfilled the stemwall with sand prior to pouring the floor, the HVAC system can also slowly rob the slab floor of the supporting sand beneath it over time.  

This procedure takes years but is common with homes throughout Newalla and Oklahoma alike. The Vesta Foundation Solutions team repairs sinking concrete by installing POLY Level foam injection.  This foam lifting method can also be used to inject and fill open voids before they settle.  This is also less expensive than common steel slab piers found in the market.  For more information on how POLY level foam injection can help you with interior slab settlement please contact us at 405-213-0492.