With all the amount of rain we've been receiving, I'm sure those with basements are experiencing some issues. Whether the issues are flooding or just seeping through the walls, there are solutions to these issues.

First, let's talk about WaterGuard. WaterGuard is a piping system engineered specifically to solve basement water problems without the clogging from soils under the floor. WaterGuard blocks water at the outer edge of your basement and drains it unseen safely away. Special wall flange creates space between the floor and wall allowing wall seepage to drain while keeping dirt and debris out. On top of that, WaterGuard works with all types of foundations. WaterGuard has been fully evaluated by the Building Officials and Code Administrators Evaluation Services.

To get the full effect WaterGuard offers, the TripleSafe Sump System is a must-have. Most sump pumps will have issues such as pump failure, the single pump can't handle volume in hard rain and power failure. The TripleSafe Sump System has three pumps, guaranteeing defense from these three issues.

Combining WaterGuard and the TripleSafe Sump System your basement will be clean and dry so you can use this space for storage, recreational purposes, or to finish for additional living space!