Many homes in Oklahoma have a crawl space foundation. Crawl space foundations are almost always equipt with a ventilation system. A vent is an opening in the wall that allows air to flow through the entire area. When crawl spaces were first created the ventilation system was thought to keep the flooring system from mold and rot. As technology advances so should your home's foundation.

If you are experiencing cold, sagging floors and musty odors it might be time to consider an update. Have you ever walked across your floor and experienced a bitter cold on your feet? Cold air comes through the vents and cools your floor. Cold air is not the only problem though, as air flows in and out moisture will begin to compromise your flooring system. As moisture builds up mold will begin to grow. The growth of mold in your crawl space is a big problem because 50% of the air in your home is from your crawl space. You could be unknowingly compromising the health of your family by allowing them to breathe this air. 

Vesta Foundation Solutions offers a crawl space encapsulation system known as Clean Space. Clean Space is a durable liner that is installed on the walls and floors of your crawlspace preventing the entrance of any outside air and animals. Once Clean Space is installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier is put in place to make sure that there is no moisture in the air.

Vesta also offers a system to permanently stabilize your saggings floors. A Galvanized steel beam is put in place to support the floor joist. Once the beam is in place it is supported by Smart Jacks, these are strategically placed to lift and level your flooring system. The Jacks can be adjusted over time to make sure that there is no stress on your floor system. 

Keep your home up to date and your family healthy, Call Vesta.