Suppose you are a homeowner or business owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with sinking concrete. In that case, you probably wonder whether your concrete is better off being jackhammered and replaced or using expanding foam to repair the concrete. Many concrete repair areas are caused by the soil settling underneath the surface. This is typically caused by soil erosion during heavy rains, shrinking of soils when severe drought sets in, and softening of the soil due to poor compaction. When these forces of mother nature take place, the concrete begins to sink in ways that can cause cracks and tripping hazards.

When exploring the removal and replacement of the concrete, keep in mind the old concrete must be jackhammered and removed using heavy equipment. This can be disruptive and time-consuming. Then when the concrete is removed, forms are placed to help outline and hold the new concrete while it dries. When the forms are complete, the new concrete can be installed and will need several days to dry before use. This can also be delayed depending on the weather. Once the concrete is fully cured(dried), the soil beneath the new concrete can still expand, contract, and wash out. Many concrete contractors install new slabs with two guarantees: The concrete will (1) harden and (2) crack. So there is little to no guarantee with the new concrete being poured.

So, when comparing the methods, foam injection is, in most cases, cheaper than concrete removal and replacement. The procedure begins by drilling small 3/8” holes in the concrete surface. Next, a two-part foam product called PolyLevel® is injected beneath the slab. The material starts as a liquid to soak into the soil and prevent expansion and contraction later. Then when the material expands, it can slowly lift the concrete back into a level position. Once complete, the holes are filled with color-matching mortar, and the space can be used entirely in 15 minutes. The installation can take place in one day compared to the multistage process of concrete removal and replacement. This method also comes with warranties that typically last five years or beyond.

Our Concrete Protection System

Control Joints are lines in the concrete to make sure expansion cracks take the path of the predetermined lines. Many customers then have their control joints sealed using Nexuspro® joint sealer. This is elastomeric caulking used to keep debris and water out of the open joints. Many types of caulking can dry and shrink in the extreme heat in Oklahoma, especially in Tulsa, while Nexus Pro is designed to stretch and bond to the concrete for long-lasting results.

Lastly, to help preserve the concrete, a layer of sealant or tint can be added to protect the surface from pitting and flaking in the future. Many customers like to match their concrete with other portions, so concrete Decoshield® is a long-lasting product to help seal and protect the surface while giving a nice clean finish.

Even with the joints and sealing, most projects can still be completed in one day and used within an hour of service. With the limited labor and downtime between stages, foam injection and sealing are some of the many reasons customers have PolyLevel® installed rather than having concrete replacement performed.

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