After we lift, level, and stabilize any slabs with PolyLevel, we want to ensure we keep the slab right where we put it. How? We seal the joints with NexusPro to keep as much water as possible away from going underneath the slab; after all, the water did create the Grand Canyon.

NexusPro helps address the key reasons a slab settles in the first place—may be the most prominent, is too much water—creating soft, weak soil, or washing soil away entirely; this is where NexusPro adds enormous benefit, and all while making any piece of concrete look better.


100% more flexible than traditional sealants

Applied in extreme heat and cold – Consistent viscosity

Doesn’t degrade in sunlight like urethane

Tack free in less than 1 hour – Easier to clean and finish well


How do we install nexus pro 

We install NexusPro going in a concave shape, so it allows it to expand and contract 100% without tearing it apart.

If it were to be installed flush with the ground, it would be more vulnerable, causing it to lose its flexibility by about 50%.